Wicca’s Wardrobe: LOTD 09/06/2012

Today I was a lot thinking about my past. The age I was between 15 and 18, was not an easy time… for my mother or my friends :p. I wanted to fight against all and everybody and I wanted to show, that I am different even with my outfits, hair and accessories. The music, that I was listening too was always a mixture of punk and gothic tunes, because I could not really decide, if I wanted to feel more like a rebel or more that the whole world was against me*giggles* Maybe it was a mixture of both and one was affected by the other…

So I was kinda stuck with that idea, when I logged into second life. I do not feel with 16 to 20 anymore so the look that came out is maybe a bit more adult as my mind was :p.

Big parts of my heart are stuck with the style of the 80’s maybe because I was too young to actually live it 😉 Many people who I ask about the 80’s tell me that they hated their tight blue jeans and al the colors… I kinda like it and so I can at least in SL sometimes live my 80’s dreams 🙂

The mesh tank top comes from Faster Pussycat and is called “Chill Cross”. What I liked, was the little bit ‘Sex Pistols’ touch that the shirt brought to the whole styling. For jeans I always have a hard tim in SL to find some that I really like… Mostly the pockets on the backside are not aligned properly for female models, as the size of our backs is no that huge or round as usual. The pockets mostly end up being stretched way too long down to the legs or they are super huge and cover up all. I first tried my absolute favourite jeans from R:A:D but I had no version with rolled up leg parts and so I looked deeper in my inventory and found my “Boyfriend Jeans” from Phoenix Rising. They had a leg cuff and with some modifications I got the 3/4 length, that I wanted to have for the look. The used look of the jeans again added some more grunge and dirt and I thought for a way to readd some more chic, as I did not want to go too urban today. The new “Culprit” shoes from Cliche brought the whole feeling back to something more elegant again.

The “Culprit” sandals come with a super HUD that allows you to change the color and texture and you can customize the bare feet perfectly and easy to match them to your skin. Now the debate for the color started… Black looked too boring and with all the grey and blue of jeans a shirt, I wanted to add a color… just one to make it no too busy. Red was the choice and so I had to find some accessories to bring the red back at some other points. The “Hoopty Hoops of Love” set from Ticky Tacky made it with a pair of red, spiked, round earings and the matching bangles. For the hairstyle I decided to go with one of the latest from Loovus Dzevavor called “Cornucopia” in noir 1 ( I just colored it a little darker, as I wanted a full black looking hairstyle). The eyelashes are a combination of 2 – one from LeLutka paired with one from Redgrave. For the nails chose to go with the “Spirit” nails from Love Soul, because they have one color option, named ‘Union Jack’ where the nails change between blue and red for each hand.


Top: Faster Pussycat – “Chill Cross” (mesh)

Jeans: Phoenix Rising – “Boyfriend Jeans”

Shoes: Cliche – “Culprit” – NEW

Hair: Loovus Dzevavor – “Cornucopia”

Nails: Love Soul – “Spirit”

Lashes: LeLutka – “Natur”

Lashes: Redgrave – “Twiggy”

Jewelry: Ticky Tacky – “Hoopty Hoops of Love”

Poses: Corpus

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

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