Fantasy Faire 2013 – EMO-tions, Plastik & Talevin’s Design

Fantasy Faire 2013 - EMO-tions-Plastik-wand Body

From the 20th of April until the 28th of April you can find amazing creations various designers made for themes like fantasy, role play, steam-punk and Sci-Fi and all that is content of dreams at the SecondLife Fantasy Faire 2013.   Incredible builders created awesome sims for that event where you can make fantastic pictures or just explore and get caught away in your dreams and imagination.

The Fantasy Faire is one of the most huge events that take part in the RFL. RLFRelay for Life – is a charity organisation that supports the American Cancer Society.

The whole event takes part on 10 sims. The are arranged in a nice way with a path that you can follow to explore all of them. On 8 you will find the creations that were made from all the designers to support the RLF. The last 2 sims are the event sims, where presentations, music events, concerts, auctions and silent auctions take place. To make it more interesting for visitors, a super amazing hunt is taking place where you can find many incredible little items.

Today I would like to drag your attention to the creations of EMO-tions, Plastik and Talevin’s Design.

EMO-tions is well known for quality fantasy and role-play designs since a lot of years. For this year’s Fantasy Faire Mirja Mills, owner and designer of EMO-tions, designed a few very special fantasy hair styles. The “Sunburst” hair style is one of them. It is a wonderful wild hairstyle that comes I amazing fantasy colors. The silver jewelry parts you can see round the face, are part of the hair itself. I only added the “Inferno Horns” to give the whole look a demon attitude 😉

The amazing “Draziira” skin as well is one of the fantastic items of the Fantasy Faire 2013, contibuted by Plastik. The black skin comes in different versions for the colored parts and I chose the red one called “Inferno”. Inside of the skin package I found a super cute pair of fantasy long ears, that matched the skin and some red glowing eyes who were perfect for my demon look.

The incredible “Chaos Tentacle” staff comes from Talevin’s Design. With this huge and amazing looking staff you will be able to rule the fantasy world with your cast your spells 😉 As well Talevin’s Design offers a wonderful HUD that has lot of effects that you can apply on other avatars to make your magic even look more real. Some of them are really fun as long as you do not bother people with it, that do not want it 😉

Fantasy Faire 2013 - EMO-tions-Plastik-wand FAce

Hair: Emo-tions – “Sunburst” /fantasyred – NEW (Fantasy Faire 2013)

Skin (incl ears and eyes): :[P]: – “Draziira” /Inferno – NEW (Fantasy Faire 2013)

Staff: Talevin’s Design – “Chaos Tentacle Staff” – NEW (Fantasy Faire 2013)

Outfit: Chaospire – “Succubus” (part of the outfit)

Wings: R:A:D – “Demons Wings”

Hooves: VS – “Kali Hooves”

Poses: *PosESioN* – “Giz Set” – NEW

Location: LEA 13 – “Rust by Cica Ghost

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin