The Fallen One…

…or Faster Pussycat goes Cabaret Colore 😉

Last sunday we had an amazing show with the Passion Fashion Agency. Leandra Breen did it again and pulled together a real amazing show where we all showcased the new outfits of Faster Pussycat. Honey Bender, designer of Faster Pussycat, always was someone who I felt close to even before her designing days and it was a great pleasure that I was allowed again to wear her designs on the runway. Her designs really touch my soul again and again as they are so innovative and fresh but still fashionable and they allow me to go crazy 😉

My first outfit was called “The Caged Beauty” and usually the birds on the skirt were black. But as they are mod you can change the color to whatever you like 🙂 The Show was called Cabaret Colore so color was the key 😉 The outfit itself contains the top, the skirt, clothing layer and the head-piece. The rest I mixed and matched together. The skin is the “Lea Gothic” skin made by LionSkins, with a green lipstick from Launa Fauna,  the hair comes from 3636 Designs and is called “Tara”. I just colored the platinum one to match the green. The whole jewelry set is the “Ocean Winds” set made by Finesmith Designs. The huge amazing wings are done by Talyia Tarber and as well colored by myself.

The second outfit I was allowed to showcase was the “Hellfire Body Suit”. The outfit itself contains the sexy unsymmetric bodysuit that only hides one chest with an opaque texture while the other side gives a bit more of a view with the sheer part 😉 What totally got me are the huge horns that are as well part of the outfit I am so in love with them. The skin I used for is one of the Miasnow “Beautiful Death Beth” ones in red. The hair and hairbase again are from 3636 Designs. Earings from Ticky Tacky, the collar from Finesmith Designs and the cute wings from Material Squirrel completed my look. The shoes you can see in the very first pic above we got from PoosyKat LittleBoots.

It was a totally amazing show and I want to thank all the amazing fellow models and Leandra Breen for an awesome event as well 🙂

Pose Pic 1: Del May

Pose Pic 2 and 3: Corpus

DoJo and Body Talking for the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser Project!

Again I found 2 amazing designers that help with their amazing creations for the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser ( DoJo, paper couture made by Sanders Beaumont and Body Talking with the great poses from Arisia Ashmoot!

Lets start with the amazing “Hanami” outfit. In the colors black, red and white this neat dress is a wonderful contribution to such a great charity event! A mixture of girlie look of the dress and as well a little urban look with the leggings that made me fall in love with.

The dress has a basic white texture with amazing and modern black ornaments. The red accents of the seams and as well the wonderful big ribbon in the back, that gives for me a wonderful transition to the asian look. Like the big ribbons in the back of the kimonos 🙂 The black leggings have a few transparent parts and the whole pants are a firework of a texture… I really fell in love with! At the ankles you can see 2 little prims that lead to the amazing shoes, that as well are part of the outfit.

Wonderful red, grey and black peeptoes ankle boots… simply amazing and you are not in trouble to find matching shoes 😉 The toes are amazing realistic and the textures of the shoes it self fit perfect to the rest of the outfit. Also part of the “Hanami” outfit are the sweet sticks that you can see at the back of the head in black and red. Over all a must have for each fashionistas wardrobe and for a very good cause as well!!! So do not think about too long this 250L$ are more than worth it and you can help with!!!

I am very happy that I can show you as well, that Body Talking as well joined the helping hands! Arisia Ashmoot a wonderful person with a big heart (yes sissy, that I had to say 😉 contributed an amazing group pose to the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser ( project…

(Picture provided by Body Talking)

“Girls Only” the perfect pose for some friends that wanna show that they have fun 😉 So girls who wanna have fun go and get the “Girls Only” pose of body talking and help as well with the purchase of this amazing pose that Arisia Ashmoot created. No bad body angles, now weird stretching of parts of the body and no limbs that look like broken. This pose again shows the high standard that Body Talking has for their poses. To get it just make your way to the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser Donation ( sim and search for a pose stand high up in the air close to one of the corners 😉


Outfit 1:

Outfit: DoJo – “Hanami”

Skin: Glam Affair – “Mary” /light 02

Hair: Baiastice – “Miranda” /black

Jewelry: Finesmith Designs – “Kayma”

Lashes: Redgrave – “Superior” + “Ultra Wild”

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

Kitties Alarm at Ash’s Trash!!!

Yes… it is me… in pink*hides her head* but I could not resist after I saw this outfit that I got for the blog. Ashleey Andrew, designer of Ash’s Trash,  is one of the finalists of the “Claim the Fame” awards of SL Art Couture and she made her way in with exactly this dress. Unbelievable but true, she put all these little Kitties together and managed to create a look that some of us know maybe from Lady Gaga.

Wonderful sculpted prims are arranged around the body and all have the shape of those neat kitties. You will have a hard time to find the sam kitten twice as all are look different what shows the effort that Ashleey made while she created this extraordinary outfit. From big to small the kitties are stacked from the bottom to the top and even the most little one does not miss the amazing details what shows the love of every little thing that Ashley put in that design. The whole outfits is made of 4 prims you attach and one undershirt layer.

To put the dot on the “i” you can find one single kitty as kinda head decoration. I have to admit I am really impressed, even if it is pink… and I really hate pink usually… this outfit kicked me and I had lots of fun doing this post and I am sure this was not the last time that I was wearing this extraordinary dress 😉 I would like to suggest, that you make your way to the Ash’s Trash Mainstore and take a look on her other designs and creations and maybe you find one that you like for yourself 😉


Outfit: Ash’s Trash – “Kitties”

Skin: Glam Affair

Lashes: Redgrave

Earrings & Bangles: Ticky Tacky

Collar: Finesmith

Hair: 3636 Designs

Shoes: BAX

Poses: Body Talking (all from the Gagalishious set)

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

BOSL Awards 2011 – Official Nominees Announced!!!

BOSL Awards 2011 – Official Nominees Announced


Bax Coen – Bax Coen Designs

Gospel Voom – [Gos]

Kookie Lemon – Kookie

Limer Fredriksson – [ hoorenbeek ]

Nardya Rousselot – Nardcotix

Onyx LeShelle – Maitreya


Cierra Anatine

DB Bailey

Keystone Bouchard

Sergio Botha

Setsuna Infinity


Gyorgyna Larnia – LG-CONCEPT

Jocelyn Anatine – [ glow ] studio

kikunosuke Eel – !MANDALA

Mo Miasma – Morantique

Sofi Trenkins – SIGMA Jewels

Squinternet Larnia – Donna Flora

yula Finesmith – Finesmith jewelry design


aida Ewing – Glam Affair

Lara Hurley – Lara Hurley Skin

Minnu Palen – Lelutka

Piper Voljeti – KLETVA

Ryker Beck – Exodi

Tricky Boucher – Belleza


Colleen Desmoulins- Furniture @ The Loft

Eliza Wierwight – ★ PATRON ★

Emilie Freund & Reda Bertolucci – NOTsoBAD

Lainy Voom – LISP Bazaar

Minke Bailey – MB-CreationZ

Mo Miasma – Morantique

Nonna Hedges – Nonna Hedges


Del May – DEL MAY

Di Hoorenbeek – Di’s Ope

Dove Swanson – .[Long Awkward Pose].

July Raymaker – Manifeste

Monica Zemenis – MZ Mainstore

Torrid Midnight – TorridWear Animations

Steven Dean – Essential Soul


artoo Magneto – AKEYO

daisy Saeed & daiz Papp – Oracul Animations

Modesta Heying – Maldita Animation

Ramona Criss – MyANIMATION

Vista Barnes – Vista Animations


Amutey DeCuir – Bliss Couture

KateForster Akina – Tukinowaguma

Lamb Bellic – Lamb

Queue Marlowe – analog dog hair

Tabata Jewell – VANITY HAIR

Truth Hawks – Truth

WAKA Flow – W&Y


Barney Roundel

Cherie Parker

Di Hoorenbeek

Julie Hastings

Lulu Jameson

Skip Staheli

Strawberry Singh


Bryn Oh

Cherry Manga

Eliza Wierwight

Eshi Otawara

Glyph Graves

Nish Mip

Sharni Azalee


Amaretto Breedable Horses

Baldtraveller Shan – Altya’s Dream Creations

The Dramatiques Performance Troupe

Keira Seerose – Platinum Hunt; Call for Couture


OMGWTF Barbecue – 111 Event

UWA Art Challenge


Christopher135 Quan

CraigLyons Writer

Edward Kyomoon

Maximillion Kleene

Skye Galaxy

Tamra Sands

The Follow


Ananya Mai

Anna Sapphire

Cieleste Magic

Estela Parx

Luralie Bailey

Ponchituti Boucher

rissa Friller

Winter Jefferson


angelik Lavecchia

Apollo Call

Harsch Sharktooth

Marcus Night

Mikey Batriani

RicoRacer Flux

Daniele Eberhardt


Linnda Scofield

Melanie Sautereau

Miaa Rebane

Natasja Schumann

Serene Faith

Sora Tatham

Wicca Merlin



Cap Estel

Garden of Dreams



Seawolf Monsters



Anemysk Karu & Jocelyn Anatine – [ glow ]

aya Huldschinsky – Atelier

Cora Lu – Paper Couture

Mimikri Kit – Mimikri

Thora Charron – Lelutka


Calypso Clip – Nemesis

Giz Seorn – Gizza

hiwinyu Fazuku – Mr.Poet

Inex Hax – Peqe

Maylee Oh – The Secret Store

Mon Tissu & Anouk Spot – Mon Tissu

Syane Cisse – [sYs]


Ansor Hoorenbeek – [ hoorenbeek ]

Asalt Eames – +grasp+

CheerNo Destiny – CheerNo

naith Smit – NSD

risey Arai – SEY

Takuya Jinn – Gabriel


Amutey DeCuir – Bliss Couture

joy Fellini – Fellini Couture

Kimmera Madison – Tres Beau

Lelutka Group of Designers (Lelutka)

Mami Jewell – AZUL

monica Outlander – MIAMAI

Sissy Pessoa – BAIASTICE

Zaara Kohime – {Zaara}


Jayjay Zifanwe – President UWA SL

Jessica Lyon – Phoenix viewer

Josaphine Cooperstone – Amaretto Breedables

MamaP Beerbaum – COB Relay For Life 2011

Mimmi Boa – Fashionista extraordinaire

Robustus Hax – Founder Metaverse TV


Gasqhe and Baiastice for the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser!!!

Today I received the wonderful contribution of gasqhe for the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser project. The wonderful red body suit carries the name “Reby” and as you can see it is not only a simple red body suit… gasqhe made an awesome fashion outfit out of a wonderful idea for a great cause!!!

The red bodysuit is great made with light and shadows and a light folds that make it just look awesome. For sure a total eyecatcher is the huge veil that looks like it would be in motion can pulled back by a flurry of wind.  One more prim makes the amazing parted coat. So run to the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser Sim ( and make your part to help and get this awesome outfit for your wardrobe!

(picture provided by Baiastice)

Usually I only use my own pics but this one is so nice I could not resist to use it for showcasing the Baiastice contribution for the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser project. An awesome red stiletto with cute lines and a sweet ribbon in the back. Perfect for every elegant dress or even a neat casual outfit! And do not forget all the money you spent will help the people who were hit so hard by the terrible disaster in japan! So please make your way to the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser Sim ( and see what else beside gasqhe and Baiastice you can get there, I am sure you will find a lot what you like and every single linden counts 🙂

Show Review of outfits I was wearing in the Tres Beau Moonlight Show :)

Last sunday I had the great pleasure to walk the runway in the amazing Tres Beau Moonlight Show presented by the Passion Fashion Agency. I was allowed to showcase 3 wonderful outfits created and designed by Kimmera Madison, creator and owner of Tres Beau. The first one that you as well can see on the picture above is called “Francais”

The whole outfit caught my heart… it is so non symmetric and special, I really felt honored that I was allowed to wear it for the show. The basic is made with amazing detailed and very filigree textured layers, that are covered over and over by little ornaments in a basic brown tone but with many color highlights in it. The total center of the view for me is the half side coat. Only the back and the right leg are covered by the coat and the right arm is decorated with huge fantastic ruffles that go up to the neck and form kinda neck collar. The great sculpted belt that is part of the down part holds the whole coat in place. For the makeup I chose the “Night” makeup of the “Castalia” natural skin of Glam Affair with the dark smokey eyes. The “Xia” hair is done by 3636 designed and all the lovely jewelry I used for this styling, yula Finesmith from Finesmith Designs made 🙂

The next outfit gave me lots of fun to style it. I have a little addiction for retro looks and I rarely can style like this for shows or blogs so this one really made me happy 😉 The colors as well played in my hand as black and red are my absolute favours 🙂 so I just added hair from artilleri as the great glasses come already with the “Lucy” Fresh outfit 🙂 The skirt comes in 2 versions – the one you can see in the pic above and one that is a bit softer and falls down a bit more.

The sweet little cherry earrings,as well I found at artilleri one of my favourite retro and vintage stuff stores anyways 😉 But back to Tres Beau… as I said the glasses are part of the outfit and what again shows off the great eye for the detail of Kimmera if it comes to designing skills are the incredible wrist parts with the lovely bows!

My last outfit for the show was the “Ginger Jar” a very cute blue and white dress that’s is perfect for the actual spring time in my view 😉 The shoulders are free and make room for a nice and big necklace. The skirt comes in 2 options to choose from. Once a flexible version and one with a sculpted prim. For the chest part we as well have very nice made sculpted prim that gives an awesome realistic touch as well. I could not resist to add one of the great “Lode” hats done by Chirzaka Vlodovic named “Amber”

I hope you enjoyed my little review of the amazing Tres Beau Moonlight Show and if you visit the Tres Beau Mainstore you can see all the other lovely creations that were shown in that fantastic show and for sure many more 😉

Marita Overland helps the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser!

Marita Overland, designer of Runway Couture gave me yesterday her contribution to the great Pacific Crisis Fundraiser Project…

As I was talking to her she told me:

“As in true Runway Couture fashion, we love to create beautiful pieces to benefit great causes! As I sat last night talking to a friend from Hawaii, she got an IM stating that the first earthquake had hit Japan. I knew right then, I need to create something  to sell and donate the proceeds to Red Cross for the Tsunami reliefs!

I really hope you like this gown, as much as I loved making it and you do you part in supporting the relief efforts!”

So please make your way to the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser ( help! This amazing simple made gown shows way more than just elegance … it shows that you were able to help and if you wear it, it will always remind you that you wear a gown that was made for such an important charity event!!!


Gown: Runway Couture – “For the love of Japan”

Skin: Nuuna’s

Lashes: Redgrave

Poses: Body Talking

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

SL Art Couture – Claim the Fame – The 20 finalists!!!


PR Contact:  Seth Diabolito, Marketing Manager, SL Art Couture & KULT Magazine

Claim the Fame

SL Art Couture, in association with Metaverse TV and supported by BOSL Magazine, is proud to present the “Claim the Fame” Designer Challenge. It offers new designers & those who have not yet found recognition within Second Life the chance to become a well-known & respected brand. After processing countless applications, carefully reviewing sample pieces and much deliberation, only twenty fashion designers have been selected to compete. Each will have to create two outfits per week. These will be reviewed by a panel of guest judges – a veritable who’s who in SL fashion today. Beginning on April 6, each televised show, brought to you by Metaverse TV, will feature these designs and also two eliminations. The top ten designers will continue to compete weekly, with one elimination during each show, until our “Claim the Fame” finale which will be held on July 6.

What’s at stake? Plenty! The winner will receive L$100,000, a feature in KULT Magazine to include the cover and a six-page fashion spread, a six-month ad campaign provided by SL Art Couture/KULT Magazine and a highly-publicized fashion show complete with custom-made runway, top fashion models and production team.

We are happy to announce the top twenty designers who have passed through our rigorous selection process. These talented individuals will vie for the top spot – the one who will ultimately Claim the Fame!

Txus Alderton
Lybra Rage
LovelyMiwako7399 Menna
Mayden Ushimawa
Misha Flanagan
Nefertiti Kimagawa
Ashleey Andrew
Inga Wind
Kalyabreeaa Capelo
Karissa Silversmith
SynsualSyn Sawson
Nuala MacMoragh
Rogue Falconer
Bubble Cyberstar
Brutus Martinek
Lexi Vargas
Thetra Blackheart
Vanesa Jinx
Didier Rascon
Fashionboi Landar

Congratulations to our top twenty and to all others who participated in the selection rounds! We look forward to seeing these contestants and you at our first show on April 6, brought to you by Metaverse TV!

For information on becoming a sponsor of Claim the Fame, please contact any member of our management team listed below. Thank you!

Founded by Arisia Ashmoot, CEO of Body Talking, Tatanka Kaligawa, Owner & Designer of MEA CULPA and Wicca Merlin, CCO of MEA CULPA, SL Art Couture is a fresh and dynamic company with the ability to fulfill your wildest dreams in the fashion world. The purpose of this company is to bring in new elements and shine a light on the fashion industry by adding the artistic element to events, taking them to a whole new level.

Formed by a team of experienced professionals, designers, builders and models, we aim to bring you absolutely the best experience possible.

Arisia Ashmoot, CEO
Tatanka Kaligawa, CEO
Wicca Merlin, CEO
Cade Nansen, Editor-in-Chief
Seth Diabolito, Marketing Manager
Taylor Wassep, Marketing Manager

Our team also provides you with specialized services for other events you may wish to hold so please check the “SERVICES” tab to see what we have to offer.

For pricing on our services, pricing on ad space in KULT Magazine or to book what you need, please contact SETH DIABOLITO. Also, be sure to join our group on Thank you!

SL Art Couture – The Fashion Teller presents: “SEX”


Also to read at:


Models (in order of appereance):

Arisia Ashmoot
RicoRacer Flux
Wicca Merlin
Steffy Ghost
Leandra Breen
Miaa Rebane
Cade Nansen
Harsch Sharktooth
Trouble Inglewood
Takeshi Kiama
Lybra Rage
Mikey Batriani
Todd Anton
Louise McWinnie
Serene Faith
blackLiquid Tokyoska
Cieleste Magic
BlackBarbie Bravin
Harrison Diesel

Lybra Rage
blackLiquid Tokyoska
Mikey Batriani
Cade Nansen

Glam Affair
Angel Dessous

Finesmith Designs

Body Talking

Wicca Merlin
Tatanka Kaligawa

PRESS RELEASE: SL Art Couture – “Claim the Fame”




Second Life is a virtual world of endless possibilities, with many useful tools as means to add a touch of reality to unachievable dreams and aspirations.  This pixel life opens doors which can help many to find hope and confidence to become more successful in the flesh existence we know as real life.

We all have at one time or another been possessed by the deep desire for the glamorous lifestyle lived by those who we perceive to have it all, those such as the glamorous designers as Karl Largerfeld, Domenico Dolce, Stefano Gabbana, Frida Giannini and Marc Jacobs.

It takes hard work, creativity, and a true passion for fabulous designs to achieve success as a fashion designer, but you can break into this career much more quickly and easily with the amazing package up for grabs in Second Life’s answer to the hit show “Project Runway”.

SL Art Couture in association with Metaverse TV and supported by BOSL Magazine have come up with this truly amazing project called “Claim the Fame”.  It offers new aspiring designers and those who have not yet found recognition within the virtual marketplace, the chance at becoming a well known and respected brand.

The winner of this contest will expect to enjoy not ONLY 100,000 L$ cash, not only both the front cover and 6 page fashion spread of an issue with SL Art Couture Kult Magazine, not only a 6 monthly advertisement campaign in the SL Art Couture Magazine, not only a custom made fashion show with custom built catwalk and top fashion models with the SL Art Couture production team, but also a huge promotional campaign, advice and support from some well known and respected members of the fashion industry within Second Life.

To take part in this amazing adventure on offer, applicants need to submit an application and attend a casting, broadcasted also in Metaverse TV.  From these castings 20 lucky contestants will be carefully selected to participate with the ambition to “Claim to Fame” of aspiring to Second Life’s next top designer.

There will be in total 15 live televised shows every wednesday over a 16 weeks period of creative bliss as the lucky competitor’s work their magic aiming to make through each round and to claim the winning place, of which there is only one spot.  Will that be you who claims the fame?

PR: Sweetest Sands, Marketing Manager


Founded by Arisia Ashmoot, CEO of Body Talking, Tatanka Kaligawa, Owner & Designer of MEA CULPA and Wicca Merlin, CCO of MEA CULPA, SL Art Couture is a fresh and dynamic company with the ability to fulfill your wildest dreams in the fashion world. The purpose of this company is to bring in new elements and shine a light on the fashion industry by adding the artistic element to events, taking them to a whole new level.

Formed by a team of experienced professionals, designers, builders and models, we aim to bring you absolutely the best experience possible.

Our team also provides you with specialized services for other events you may wish to hold so please check the “SERVICES” tab to see what we have to offer.

For pricing on our services, pricing on ad space in KULT Magazine or to book what you need, please contact SWEETEST SANDS. Also, be sure to join our group on Thank you!

Arisia Ashmoot, CEO
Wicca Merlin, CEO
Tatanka Kaligawa, CEO
Cade Nansen, Editor-in-Chief
Sweetest Sands, Marketing Manager
Seth Diabolito, Marketing Manager